Privacy Policy


The organisation provides services to clients through a variety programs and that individual’s personal information is collected to provide services to clients.  Organisational staff have obligations in respect to the collection, storage, access and disclosure of that information as set out in the Privacy Act 1998 (Amendments 2004) and including the following requirements:  

I must only collect information if:  

  • I do so by open and fair means;  
  • it is lawful;  it necessary and needed;  the person is told why the information is collected;  the person is informed who/agency the information is given to.  
  • If the information collected is for a generally available publication it must:  be accurate and up to date;   and  not intrude into personal affairs.  
  • If I am in control of personal information I must ensure it is:  secure against loss, unauthorised access and modification;  used only for the purpose it was collected for and only given to authorised persons/agencies.  
  • If you are in control of records that contain individual’s personal information.  

If an individual asks about their own personal information held by you, you must inform them of:  the type/nature of the information;  what it is used for;  who has access to the information;  how long it will be kept;  and   what they need to do to get access to that information, (form and process) unless you are lawfully required not to give them access to the information (e.g. Government databases).  

If you are in control of records you must:  only use information for the purpose it was collected for and relevant;  ensure information is accurate and up to date before use;  make corrections, deletions and additions to ensure records are accurate and not misleading;  where requests for changes to their personal information by an individual are denied, you must , if asked, attach their request for changes to the record. However, you do not have to make corrections if a law prohibits such changes (e.g. Government records.)  

If you have personal information  for a particular purpose you must not use information for another purpose unless:  

  • you get further consent;  
  • there is s serious and imminent threat to life or health;  
  • required by law (must be noted on record).  
  • If you have personal information you must not disclose information to another body, agency unless
  • the individual has consented;
    the individual would have been aware or was made aware of the disclosure;
    it is required by law (must be noted on record).
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